Living in Nature Reduces Stress

Living near nature

At some Avida developments, you can immediately see the blue sky above and greeneries all around you. Avida Village North Point, an Ayala Land Estate, for example, is nestled in the environmentally rich city of Talisay, which is less than half an hour’s drive away from Bacolod.

Within a secure, gated community are amenities to get you and your family out of your house. There’s a swimming pool, playground, basketball court, and connecting parks. It’s a healthful environment that will get you moving while being able to come home to soothing surroundings. Approximately eight kilometers north of Bacolod City proper, Avida Village North Point is also strategically located near the airport, schools, and commercial establishments.

Another Avida development in Western Visayas that provides its residents the open space and slice of green is Avida Village Iloilo. Located in the quaint town of Pavia near schools, churches, and malls, the 24-hectare development is also accessible to nature. It has a main park and pocket gardens. Avida Village Iloilo provides community amenities for your family’s lifestyle and convenience.

Curious to find out what it’s like to come home to place with the suburban charm and rustic appeal of Bacolod and Iloilo? Visit Avida Land to find out more about these two developments that will put you close to modern conveniences without sacrificing the open space and greenery.

Breathing in a boost in our immune system

What is it about being in nature that gives a positive effect on our bodies? One study traces the effects to phytoncides, or essential oils, naturally occurring in trees, plants, and some fruits and vegetables. The forest emits them as antimicrobial agents. And as these essential oils waft through the air, we breathe in their benefits, especially in boosting the immune system.

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