Things you should actually donate to a food bank

Food bank

Christmas is a time for generosity and celebration. But if you don’t just want to spend and eat too much, there are ways you can help your fellow human beings.

And often the best way to help in a meaningful and practical way is to make a donation to a foodbank. After all, it’s only a few extra items in your supermarket trolley. Often, you can leave them in a box by the tills.

The staples of a food bank’s standard food parcel are tins and dried food – many a grateful recipient is given pasta and canned tomatoes to see them through the emergency situation where they have no money and no food for the foreseeable future.

But there are also items that are equally as important but perhaps not donated as often.

And food banks in Cardiff regularly update information about what they need, as well as what they have enough of. There are also specific Christmas collections taking place. There are more details on both of these below.

Urgently needed food items in Cardiff at the moment

Tinned tomatoes

Fruit juice (from concentrate)

Tinned rice pudding

Sponge pudding

Tinned fruit

They’ve got plenty of:


Breakfast cereals

Tea bags

The film’s researchers were painstaking in their research, so such scenes won’t have gone unseen by volunteers at food banks.

Many are run by the Trussell Trust, which has compiled a list of the things that its food banks really need.

“Alongside the standard food parcel, food banks try to provide the following essential non-food items to adults and children in crisis, helping them maintain dignity and feel human again,” a spokesman said.

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